Mr and Mrs Welton

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Josie and James's wedding yesterday and, in spite of the weather, it was a day filled with warmth, love and laughter.  The ceremony, reception and evening function all took place at The Sun Hotel in Hitchin. 

For a sneak peek at some preview images from the day, click on the picture.

Before and After

Never posted one of these before. The image on the left is the original shot from camera, the one on the right is probably the most challenging edit I have ever done in PS.

Seemed simple enough at the time; make it look as though Lyns was standing in a cafe window...

Next time, we will just go to a location.

ill met by moonlight

At the tale end of 2016, I won a small competition over on PurplePort to shoot at the Natural Light Space studio in Northampton.  My winning concept was inspired by A Midsummer Night's Dream and intended on using little more than moonlight.  Unfortunately, Saturday's full moon was overshadowed by cloud, fog and sleet / snow.  Still, Georgina, Tiff and I made our way up the A1 and made use (played) with the fabulous facilities at the studio - including snow and smoke machines!

Smoke and Stars

A clear and cold night was great for shooting starry skies over the village.  Set out to do a star trail over the church but saw this shot en route and made a mental note to capture it on the walk home.

Way Out West

Spent the new year in the West Country, visiting friends and braving the elements at ridiculous o clock, or in ridiculous weather...

Our Friends Electric

Very cool gig this evening - Our Friends Electric working their magic at the Horns in Watford...

Autumn Colours

Out and about around the village this morning; streets were thick with fog so became a real mission trying to capture colour.

Autumn Mists (again)

Back out at not so silly o' clock (one of the benefits of the clocks changing) to try and shoot more deer, and maybe the elusive fox... and captured this.  Sometimes it pays to sit and wait rather than pace and wander; this guy wandered into view after about 30 minutes.

Something wicked this way comes

Love shooting a little burlesque, especially with someone who clearly knows her stuff.

Lilies on the Land

Promotional Images

This marks my first serious shoot of 2016 and I very nearly didn't make it. Having been ill for the best part of a week, I was finally feeling OK enough to take a short ride up to The Rusty Gun in Hitchin to photograph the promotional images for the Barn Theatre's production of Lilies on the Land. Fortunately, the company had already sorted wardrobe and make up prior to my arrival so all I had to do was sort the locations and shoot the pics. The sun was very bright but it was one of those cold and intense wintery suns that hang very low in the sky, and was subsequently right in front of where I had intended to shoot (in with the pigs). There were, however, other areas for us to work in without any modern anachronisms creeping into the frame. I was particularly taken with the images taken around the fences. 

Shot in natural light with some colour and shadow tweaks in LR 

Fuji XT1 / with 35mm

1/125 sec @ f4 ISO: 200

Innocents Press Release

Fabulous seeing so many of my images in the local press over the last couple of weeks;  The Innocents was such a photogenic show though - awesome lighting, costume and set all made my work that little bit easier.

Dinosaur Egg Beach

Last night in Cornwall so decided to head out to Porth Nanven for fish and chips and a glorious sunset.  Had the beach to ourselves when we arrived but I guess the colours in the sky brought a troop of fellow photographers down the valley.

Here Come the Girls!

Various press release / marketing bits flying around over the last couple of weeks - lots of coverage for Playhouse Creatures and plenty of my photos on show.

Very bizarre seeing Rachel's (not my Rachel, I should add!) bottom hanging up in the local shopping centre!