Clare and Adam - pre wedding shoot

Met up with Clare and Adam this evening to capture a few images and see how we would work together come the big day.  They were absolute naturals and we had a fab hour mincing around the Ayots at sun set, walking and talking wedding ideas.

Alice Promo Posters

After much deliberation and failed design ideas, the Alice posters have finally emerged from the creative cul-de-sac I found myself in.  Quietly pleased with these as they resist the whimsical world of traditional Alice and provide a more grungy / modern edge to the production images.

Testimonial: Alixxia

Simon is a very likable and easy guy to work with. He is a creative individual who you can easily throw ideas at and have them bounce back at you! I felt very comfortable meeting him on location and walking around St Albans with. 

Simon is a skilled photographer with a good knowledge of how to work with natural light to achieve some very unique and beautiful shots. 

I'd definitely work with Simon again!

Hitchin Folk Club: Gilmore & Roberts and Steve Warner

A great evening of very fine music at Hitchin Folk Club last night: Gilmore and Roberts supported by Kimpton's finest troubadour - Steve Warner.  Took opportunity to try shooting live music in a small and dimly lit venue, complete with the challenges of fire blankets, light switches etc, and try to create a sense of atmosphere.

Night Shooting with Alixxia

First real effort at shooting portraits in very low light last night.  Went out and about around St Albans with the delightful and diminutive Alixxia...

Alixxia (229 of 291).jpg

Testimonial: Leigh-Anne

I had an amazing shoot yesterday with Simon!

I have shot with Simon a few times and each shoot has been really creative and thematically different, which makes shooting with him super fun!

His precoms were great as always. I had a clear idea of what he was after and was able to tailor my wardrobe to this. 

Simon is a polite, friendly guy and his photography is of a very high standard. It's amazing how he works with natural light. 

We even got the chance to experiment with a polaroid camera on the shoot, which was a lot of fun!

Overall an absolute joy to work with!

Highly recommend!

Thank you again for an amazing day!

Back to some boudoir

Went over to Big Shot Studios to shoot some classic boudoir stuff with Leigh-Anne today.  It has been a while since I have shot this style of photography and am always nervous about heading into a new studio to do it as I can never be certain what the available light will be like.  Thankfully Big Shot was an awesome little space with a massive window and decent blackout drapes to enable me to control the natural light.  I decided to opt for a traditional, fine art approach to these...

Nell Gwynn: Production Photos

Got the privilege of photographing Nell Gwynn at the Barn Theatre last night. Such a cool production; lots of great performances and inventive direction.  Hope was awesome in the lead role, as was Eamonn, Rachel, Paul and Chris to name but a few.  Really fab set to shoot as well - lots of colour and interest.


The Disfunctionalz

Very quick shoot with these guys to get some promotional shots for the studio production.  Aim was to recreate something old school punkish - akin to the Buzzcocks / Clash album covers.

Alice... Alice... Who the hell is Alice?

Met with Kate and Molly today to shoot some promo photographs for the forthcoming Herts Players production of Alice (a new adaptation of Alice in Wonderland).  This version places Alice well and truly in the 21st Century and requires a less whimsical but more robust and headstrong heroine.

Herts Players have cast two actresses to take on the role, each performing every other show, and so duplicate versions of all artwork will be created to match the Alice audiences see in the show.


Priscilla Queen of the Desert

OK, so it snowed a few days ago, it is freezing cold and our location is the car park of a local primary school!  We've got a quality VW bus, we've got men in fabulous showgirl costumes and we've got a little bit of steely determination to make this look like the Australian outback.  Game on!

Promotional image for SAMTC production of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.


Youth Drama Festival


Was invited back to photograph the awards ceremony for the 2018 Youth Drama Festival - always good fun, especially looking for new ways to photograph the trophies / awards themselves.

Nell Gwynn

Shooting more promo stuff for the Barn Theatre today, this time for the forthcoming production of Nell Gwynn.  I wanted to avoid the cliche of oranges and the style of the recent Globe Theatre promo material.  Here I wanted to create the illusion of both dressing room and the indoor / candlelit playhouses as well as make it look quite cinematic.  Was really pleased with the range of shots from this session; click on the image to see complete gallery.


Shooting at Stannage Edge


Visited the Peak District with the family this weekend and attended a Photo Walk / Landscape session at Stannage Edge.  It was bitterly cold, certainly when we were exposed on the rock edge, and probably not the best time of day to go out photographing landscapes. I am still attempting to shoot landscapes and get something I would happily hang on my wall and think I got a few here whilst also revisiting some tried and tested composition techniques.  One of the tutors thought I was mad, shooting into the sunlight so much...

Bronte - production photos

Photographed the public dress rehearsal of Bronte, last night. Fabulous being back at the Barn Theatre and shooting some live theatre again.

Full gallery can be found here or by clicking on the picture.

Stand Up - Capturing a Comic

What a fab start to 2018 and shooting for an up and coming comedian.  Eamonn got in touch requesting a range of images, from formal head shots to pictures he could use as promotional material for his shows.  He was awesome in front of camera and I got to witness some of his act - very Dave Allen-esque.

Bronte: Promo Images

Now this was a challenging task; shoot some promo material for the Polly Teale play Bronte whilst avoiding posing the sisters to replicate the Branwell Bronte painting.  Oh, and no studio available. Thankfully, the girls were fabulous, the director was open to my slightly bonkers idea and I was able to layer in said painting into the shot to give the piece some context.  Lots of positive response to them; really liked this comment posted on Facebook: "If I hadn't already wanted to see Lou's production of "Bronte " at the Barn Theatre next month, these fantastic promo photos by Simon would have convinced me. Actually, can't wait!"