The X Files start here

It has oft been a plan of mine to keep a blog of stuff that I shoot, not just the portraits and weddings, but those other things I point my camera at from time to time.  And what better time to try and start then when breaking in a new camera: the Fuji XPro1?

I purchased the XPro1 about 2 months ago as a carry around camera to take to Florida; I did not fancy lugging my D700 through customs and around theme parks so wanted something smaller but would allow me to keep control of settings.  I had been impressed with the Fuji X100 but frustrated with the fixed focal length lens, so decided to give the XPro1 a go.  It proved so good, so lovely that I am now considering ditching all my Nikon gear and switching to the Fuji Mirrorless system.  Time will tell if it is up to par with the Nikon but for now, I am enjoying using a camera that reminds me of shooting on film, and one that is unobtrusive, light and versatile.

So here it is, my first Fuji only shoot - from a street photography day around London (part of the prize for winning Photographer of the Year last year).  Have to say, I am not quite fully in love with it yet; the range finder style takes some getting used to and the AF is not so quick under low light conditions.