Lilies on the Land

Promotional Images

This marks my first serious shoot of 2016 and I very nearly didn't make it. Having been ill for the best part of a week, I was finally feeling OK enough to take a short ride up to The Rusty Gun in Hitchin to photograph the promotional images for the Barn Theatre's production of Lilies on the Land. Fortunately, the company had already sorted wardrobe and make up prior to my arrival so all I had to do was sort the locations and shoot the pics. The sun was very bright but it was one of those cold and intense wintery suns that hang very low in the sky, and was subsequently right in front of where I had intended to shoot (in with the pigs). There were, however, other areas for us to work in without any modern anachronisms creeping into the frame. I was particularly taken with the images taken around the fences. 

Shot in natural light with some colour and shadow tweaks in LR 

Fuji XT1 / with 35mm

1/125 sec @ f4 ISO: 200